Daniel Gabriel’s published work includes three novels (Twice a False Messiah, Paradiso Park and Season on the Edge), two short story collections (Wrestling with Angels and Tales From the Tinker’s Dam), a book of nonfiction travel pieces (Down Vagabond Roads), and hundreds of articles on travel, baseball, rock ‘n’ roll and the like. For many years, he was statewide Director of Arts Programming for COMPAS in Minnesota, and has edited three COMPAS anthologies of student writing, Punch at the Wild Tornado, This Bursting Sound Within, and The River Starts Flowing.

Daniel is also a lifelong vagabond traveler who has taken camelback, tramp freighter, and third class train through over 100 countries. En route, he worked as a sailor in the West Indies and Scandinavia, a publican in Wales, a teacher in Spain, an apple picker in the Alps, and a roadie for Sly & the Family Stone, among other endeavors. His formal education includes a B.S. in History/Secondary Education from the University of Minnesota, and an M.A. in Cross-cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary.

As he says: “When I was five weeks old, my parents set off for Europe. We stayed three years, living in Geneva and London and camping our way across the continent. My playmates ranged from itinerant Gypsies to the Princess of Bechuanaland. I was hooked, and after I found a willing travel partner in my wife Jude, we spent most of the first 15 years of our marriage on the road, hitching for tens of thousands of miles and exploring as many side turnings as possible while we traversed the globe.

“Once we started a family, our wanderings became much more contained, though we still managed to get our sons Alex and Evan to 22 countries on four continents before they finished high school. Jude and I were most recently in the Caucasus Mountains, but further adventures lie ahead . . .”

Twice a False Messiah by Daniel Gabriel

Tales From The Tinker’s Dam by Daniel Gabriel