Twice a False Messiah

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False Messiah author photoTwice a False Messiah is a tantalizing thriller, set mostly in the tombs of ancient Egypt and along the Nile River. It is 1978—with Egypt and Israel trying to forge a tenuous peace, and the Shah wobbling in Iran—as two adventurers head up the Nile in search of the True Name of God. En route the author explores not only the rift between ancient Egypt and Israel, but also the ground of religious truth and the nature of monotheism.

Daniel Gabriel, who has an M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, is statewide Arts Program Director for COMPAS. The author of a short-story collection (Tales from the Tinker’s Dam) his stories and articles have appeared in over 200 publications in eight countries. He is a lifelong vagabond traveler who has journeyed through a hundred countries, most of them with his wife and two sons.


Daniel Gabriel transports you into the rhythm of life along the Nile at one of the most important moments of the 20th century. You are there, hot, hungry, thirsty and curious. His prose and characters are vivid and intimate, literary and experiential, exploring the essential nature of culture, religion and humanity.

– Ali Selim, writer, director of the award winning film Sweet Land.

Twice a False Messiah reveals a world as rich as Shantaram, with as much energy as Raiders of the Lost Ark, laid on the firm foundations of a spiritual quest C.S. Lewis would have approved.

– Guy Stewart, author, teacher.


EGYPT 1978: Setting for Twice a False Messiah

THE SUDAN 1978-79: Setting for Twice a False Messiah